Do You Want To Win?

Yes, show me how!
Support · Skeet · 0 answers · 32 views · 0 votes · posted by FGIO
How To Stop Automatic Renewal

I would like to know how to stop the automatic subscription. Thanks

I know the answer
Support · 0 answers · 225 views · 0 votes · posted by LHPF Young Guns
If We Provide You 2 User Id Can You Combine Them?

We mistakenly entered shooter twice. If we provide you with User Id can you combine so when we s...

I know the answer
Support · Trap · 0 answers · 216 views · 0 votes · posted by LHPF Young Guns
Why Can't I Edit Info When Signed In As Coach?

When I am signed in under coach- go to individual shooters record- I can select specific record t...

I know the answer
Instruction · Sporting · 1 answer · 822 views · 0 votes · posted by Lee C Jones
What Is The Correct Eye Position On Rib?

I was taught that (if looking down the plane of the rib) the bottom of the Iris of your eye shoul...

I believe that it comes down to what you are used to breaking the target. If your brain learns to shoot by seeing in the periphery the entire rib, that's how it will do it from then on. I noticed that Joseph Fanizzi, a great junior shooter doesn't even... Read More
Equipment · 1 answer · 287 views · 0 votes · posted by Jon Lee
What Is The Correct Position Of Finger On The Trigger?

I got a new gun stock and I am looking to have it fit for me. Is there a correct position or is i...

Pad of the index finger Read More
General · 3 answers · 927 views · 0 votes · posted by Andrei Erdoss
Back In Business?

Is your shooting range open and have you gone back since the pandemic outbreak?

Deep River Sporting Clays, Sanford NC. We have not closed. Open 7 days a week Read More
Instruction · 1 answer · 585 views · 0 votes · posted by Rick Haerter
Shooting Opportunity Clubs

My son is heading to Italy with the 173rd ABN BDE. checking to see who he should talk to once he...

Right now I see 4 clubs in Italy Read More
Support · Trap · 1 answer · 534 views · 0 votes · posted by Lane Johnson
How Do You Add More Than A Round Of 25 For Trap?

My son often shoots 4 rounds of 25 in American Trap Singles. How do you log that all under 1 round?

At this point, you can only store rounds of 25 separately. How would storing multiple rounds into one help? Read More
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