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Competitions · 0 answers · 294 views · 1 vote · posted by Sonia
Coaching during competition

I've noticed this happening more often. It is illegal and unfair to the other shooters. What's yo...

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Competitions · Sporting · 3 answers · 198 views · 1 vote · posted by Weagle
12ga vs 20ga handicap. How many would it take?

Here's the premise: You have two target guns set up exactly the same. One is a 12ga the other ...

Well,  maybe it depends on your game. I shoot competition skeet mostly. My thought is , if I can not score well with the twenty gauge the twelve would not make a difference. In fact When I shoot doubles the recoil recovery is much easier between shots... Read More
Competitions · 0 answers · 149 views · 0 votes · posted by Kyle Adams
Birds only or going for the money, what do you choose?

As if playing the lotery, you look at the odds of winning. What's your focus?

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Competitions · 0 answers · 182 views · 0 votes · posted by Jon Lee
What is the latest in the cheating scandel at Northbrook Sports Club?

I haven't heard much since the disqualification annoucement has been made. Does anyone have updates?

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Competitions · Sporting · 1 answer · 227 views · 0 votes · posted by Johanna S.
What is the correct way to score a report pair if the gun doubles with first target missed?
Kyle Adams - 36 Reputation
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When the gun doubles, it is considered a gun malfunction based on the NSCA NSSA 2017 Rule Book (VII-H-1-a).The shooter shall be allowed a combined total of three (3) malfunctionsper day, per event attributed to either the shooter's gun or ammunition. T... Read More