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12ga Vs 20ga Handicap. How Many Would It Take?

Here's the premise: You have two target guns set up exactly the same. One is a 12ga the other a 20ga. You are shooting in a 100 target, head to head, winner take all competition against a rival of similar abilities. The course falls into the medium difficulty range ( not charity/fun shoot fluff, but not U.S. Open type targets either) The prize is large: lets say $10KHere's the question: How many targets would you have to be spotted to shoot a 20ga against your rivals 12ga?My answer: 1 target. For me personally, I break just as many with a 20ga and I would see even one target as an advantage. I really want that $10K I am a relatively high volume recreational shooter, and I'm interested in the opinions of the folks who shoot a lot of registered targets as well as the opinions of my fellow "soul" shooters. 12ga to 20ga handicap. How many targets? What say you?

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Joshua Butz - 51 Reputation
Answered over 8 years ago
I agree.  One target would be more than fair as I seem to break just as many with my 20 also.  Most 20 gauge loads are 7/8 oz.  while 12 gauge are usually 1 or 1 1/8 so your only really losing 1/8 -1/4oz of shot.  However, if I were shooting for that k... Continue reading
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