Curing Trigger Freeze & Flinching

Origin. Causes. Solutions

TRIGGER FREEZE FOLLOWED by flinching is one of the most speculated shooting topics today. If not eliminated as soon as possible, from sporadic it becomes chronic and ends up being a bad habit. If the cause that produces the trigger freeze is correctly diagnosed, it's elimination can be ridiculously easy or it can take more time when it is aggravated.

The causes of trigger freeze and flinching are found in many areas of shotgun shooting, starting with gun fit, shooting technique, and others up to a total of 10. Trigger freeze followed by flinching is the ALARM SIGNAL that something has changed in our shooting process that needs to be fixed in order to restore our confidence and fun. Solving the cause of flinching goes hand in hand with fixing of the problem that generated that cause.

Trigger freeze is defined as the shooter’s inability to pull the trigger at the right moment. Trigger freeze is many times followed by flinching, which is a jerked movement of the gun. This unpleasant and annoying slip is not coming out of thin air and it is not something uncontrollable if diagnosed correctly.

This online ebook describes and analyses:
  • The side effects of shotgun shooting.
  • The BGU
  • The main reason why trigger freeze and flinching happen
  • 91 causes and solutions for trigger freeze and flinching coming from 10 areas of the shooting process

Instructors, coaches and affected “flinchers” will learn here about the roots of these two annoying shooting problems and the proper way to fix them. The book also provides a lot of illustrations highlighting the causes and making it easy for the shooter to recognize his own cause of trigger freeze and flinching.

Learning about the errors that cause trigger freeze and flinching is also an opportunity for those who are not caught yet in the trigger freeze net to learn the correct way to shoot.

This book will be available for purchase on Amazon in the near future.

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