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What Is The Correct Eye Position On Rib?

I was taught that (if looking down the plane of the rib) the bottom of the Iris of your eye should be even with the rib. Newer shooters now have the Iris a couple of inches above the rib. What is correct?

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Andrei Erdoss - 106 Reputation
Answered over 3 years ago
I believe that it comes down to what you are used to breaking the target. If your brain learns to shoot by seeing in the periphery the entire rib, that's how it will do it from then on. I noticed that Joseph Fanizzi, a great junior shooter doesn't even... Continue reading
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Lee C Jones
Apr 20

I’ve also noticed that you can see the bird more clearly the higher your eye is above the rib.

Thanks Andrei Erdoss for your comment!

Chuck Foster
Sep 30

Bottom of Iris should be right on top of the front bead as viewed in a mirror for 50/50 POI

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