Beretta shotgun


Mike Kite
Reviewed over 3 years ago
SV10 Prevail III Sporting

Great gun - sticky ejector on top barrel though, will need to have it looked at, seems to get stuck a lot until you give it a tiny jiggle. Greased and oiled but still hangs occasionally. Still shoots better than I do!

G Tufte
Reviewed over 4 years ago
A400 Xplor Unico

Great 28 ga.

Melvin Kukich
Reviewed over 6 years ago

I have been using a 391 intermittently since they were originally manufactured by Beretta. I have shot my best scores with this shotgun. It is reliable when cared for properly. I have shot over 25,000 targets per year, for the last 3 years, and broken only 2 hammer braces costing less than 5$ each.

G Tufte
Reviewed over 7 years ago
A400 Xcel

I've put over 15,000 rounds thru this gun and it just kept on going. Do replace the recoil spring at about 10,000 rounds and it'll continue to shoot well.   

Adam Joy
Reviewed over 8 years ago
A400 Xtreme Unico

This Beretta A400 Extreme is a fantastic shotgun.


  • The quickest, smoothest autoloader I've shot.  

  • Great for Sporting Clays and 5-Stand.  

  • The Kick-Off recoil stock is worth every penny.

  • Very easy to breakdown and clean as well

  • None that I can think of
In short, buy one - you won't be disappointed!

Blake Argo
Reviewed almost 9 years ago

Blake uses this gun for NSSA tournaments and loves it. His gun is tubed for 20, 28, and .410 with Briley custom tubes. I would buy another one instantly.

Matt Purcell
Reviewed over 9 years ago
A400 Xcel

This Beretta A400 Excel Parallel Target is amazing.  The quickest, smoothest autoloader I've shot.  I wanted one shotgun that I could shoot Singles, Handicap and Doubles.  For whatever reason, I don't like the way O/U's sight-up, so I started looking at auto-loaders.

After a break-in of 500 or so, this gun is amazing.  At first, I wasn't sure what to make of the Kick-Off recoil stock, but it was a break-in thing, to get that recoil cylinder worked up. I love this gun.  Its very easy to breakdown and clean as well.....

Reviewed over 9 years ago
DT11 Skeet

Int'l Skeet Model - 28in barrels, int'l skeet forend & Ergosign stock

MJK 55055
Reviewed about 10 years ago
682 Gold

Great performing gun

CJ Mac
Reviewed about 11 years ago
686 Silver Pigeon

I moved from my 20ga Browning 525 Citori field gun with 26in barrel to this Beretta 12ga with 30 in barrel and I am so happy with the new gun. I shoot sporting clays and the added length and small bit of additional weight really helps with my follow through and keeping the gun moving. Had work done after I had a left handed stock put on but the gun is now perfectly weighted. I've only been shooting for a few years, but I feel like I now have the right gun. I was actually planning on buying this exact gun when, in December at a holiday shoot, I won it. But I would have purchased it anyway if I hadn't. I think it's the best gun for the price.

Chuck Cahill
Reviewed almost 11 years ago
AL390 Ducks Unlimited 2000 Eition

Another wonderful product by Beretta! Sharp looking, soft shooting and solid for competitions. An excellent quality product worth keeping in the family for generations to come!

Chuck Cahill
Reviewed almost 11 years ago

Excellent value and performance. One of the lightest recoil I've ever felt in a skeet gun. Ours is KOLAR Tubed for 20/28/.410. Accurate and soft on your shoulder for competition shooting. I've had a number of 300+ shot days and have come out w/o a sore shoulder. The model I have is the 682S and would highly reccomend this model.

Federico Ramirez
Reviewed about 11 years ago
SV10 Prevail I

This is a great gun for trap shooting its almost identical to the 682 trap in that it has the same barrel design and high performance barrels and chokes the stock looks beautiful but unfortunatly what you see is actually burned on grain which is why i only gave it 3.5 stars other than that you cant beat the $2500 price tag for a gun like this and it shoots fantastic 

Bryan Craft
Reviewed over 11 years ago
682 Gold E

I am not in a position to throw down large amounts of money at a top brand Italian shotgun.  But I did have a couple of grand to spend on a Berretta.  I recently purchased a 682 Gold E combo, 34" un-single and 32" O/U for $3700.  The gun was like new with cosmoline still stuck up underneath the rib.  Once I held the gun I knew I was holding a true "competition" shotgun and it would facilitate my skills to be competitive.  The un-single has the ability to adjust your POI in very small increments thus allowing to fine tune your point of impact. From the palm swell, adjustable comb, trigger and rib this gun is on par with most that cost a lot more.  I have found a gun that will continue to grow with me in my shooting skills and will more than likely continue to outperform me.


Ken Class
Reviewed over 11 years ago
AL391 Urika 2

This firearm works better dirty!!

It had several fail to ejects with light (target) loads until a good healthy dose of carbon built up on the piston.

Mine worked like a champion after it took a little swim in a pond. A full breakdown and a thorough cleaning and oiling showed no ill effects.

Use it like crazy; maintain it like normal and I think you’ll like it.


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