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Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon (3)


The Beretta Silver Pigeon over-and-under shotguns are a perfect blend of beauty and performance, the meticulous detail of their appearance mirrored by their flawless performance in the field. It features deep relief engravings depicting hunting scene


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CJ Mac
Reviewed about 8 years ago

I moved from my 20ga Browning 525 Citori field gun with 26in barrel to this Beretta 12ga with 30 in barrel and I am so happy with the new gun. I shoot sporting clays and the added length and small bit of additional weight really helps with my follow through and keeping the gun moving. Had work done after I had a left handed stock put on but the gun is now perfectly weighted. I've only been shooting for a few years, but I feel like I now have the right gun. I was actually planning on buying this exact gun when, in December at a holiday shoot, I won it. But I would have purchased it anyway if I hadn't. I think it's the best gun for the price.


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