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Beretta 682 Gold E (6)


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Bryan Craft
Reviewed about 8 years ago

I am not in a position to throw down large amounts of money at a top brand Italian shotgun.  But I did have a couple of grand to spend on a Berretta.  I recently purchased a 682 Gold E combo, 34" un-single and 32" O/U for $3700.  The gun was like new with cosmoline still stuck up underneath the rib.  Once I held the gun I knew I was holding a true "competition" shotgun and it would facilitate my skills to be competitive.  The un-single has the ability to adjust your POI in very small increments thus allowing to fine tune your point of impact. From the palm swell, adjustable comb, trigger and rib this gun is on par with most that cost a lot more.  I have found a gun that will continue to grow with me in my shooting skills and will more than likely continue to outperform me.



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