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Hunting · 1 answer · 114 views · 0 votes · posted by Vasile

Side by side for waterfowl. Suggestions?

Where I hunt, I can only shoot steel shots, thus I can't use the shotgun passed on from my grandfather. I've been looking for a side by side shotgun for waterfowl. What suggestions do you have?

1 Answer

Stephen Biello - 121 Reputation
Answered 10 days ago
Does it have to be a side by side?  Browning, CZ and I'm sure a few other companies make an Over and Under that are more waterfowl specific. I have a Browning, Citori, "*Waterfowler", 12 gauge, chambered in 3.5 mag, I shoot 3 in mags out of it. My budd... Continue reading
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