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Shooting Career
Started when I was a boy at my Uncle's farm in upstate PA, some skeet, some trap, to learn and get ready for Upland bird hunting. Pretty much an Upland Bird hunter who stumbled into Sporting Clays back in the mid to late 90's, instantly fell in love with the game and have been at it ever since. I've gone onto become a certified NSCA Level II instructor as well as a Paragon School of Sporting, certified Associate Instructor.

My Uncle, Anthony Matarese Jr., Joseph P. Scull and most recently Dan Schindler

Shooting Side


Eye Dominance


I've won a few, I've placed high in a few and I've crashed and burned in a few. Wish I had more time and money to work at it harder.
Brand Model Gauge Barrel
Browning 725 Sporting Hi Rib 12 32 in
Brand Model Gauge Load Size Velocity
Nobel Low recoil 12 1 oz. 7.5 1150 fps
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