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2 winslow rd
Pennsville, New Jersey, 8070, USA
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Duck, Quail, Pheasant, Chukar


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Ken Class
Reviewed over 10 years ago

M&M is easy to find, it’s right on a main road.

 The gentleman at the front counter was easy going and explained the electronics used to access the throwers at each station. He was more than happy to program the computer for a delay so I could shoot solo. A quick overview of range rules and out the door. I did manage to drop my hearing protectors in the mulch, and a quick return to the office netted me a replacement pair free of charge. Again, there was no attitude problem.

 The office/lodge area is clean and has ample seating and tables for even a large group. There are locker room/restrooms available in the main office. Considering it was late in the day, the place was CLEAN.

 The signage at each station clearly explains where each clay will be coming from. The range allows you to preview each throw. The range accounts for those clays and they are included without extra charges for clays you never attempted to shoot at. The office will explain it with no problem.

 Since you’ll be out in the woods, wear good footwear. The trails are a mix of course ground mulch/sand/dirt. After a good rain I suspect it could be a bit swampy, but it appears routine maintenance keeps things as dry as possible.

 Since I was solo, going from station to station went quickly. Large groups will take some time, so be patient. I met up with a family that invited me to join their group. Nice, now I had someone to “pull” for me, instead of using the electronic delay.

 Friendly staff and patrons make this a place I will go back to again.

 Allow a couple hours for a relaxed shoot, at a game you’ll love, and never beat.


Stephen Biello
Reviewed over 4 years ago

One of the premier places to shoot in the PA, NJ, DE, MD area, the Matarese family is a true Sporting Clays family and they know how to do it right. No matter which side of the course you shoot, you'll have fun.

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