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Savage Arms

Foremost Model 6870H
Fox Model B
Fox Model B-SE
Fox Model B Series H
Fox Model B-SE Side by Side
Fox Model B Side by Side
Model 1500
Model 167 TD
Model 18 Springfield
Model 210F Slug Warrior
Model 212
Model 220
Model 220 LH
Model 220 Youth
Model 30
Model 30L
Model 311A
Model 330
Model 367 H Coast to Coast
Model 50 Wards Hercules
Model 512 Goldwing
Model 512 Gold Wing
Model 67
Model 67 Series E
Model 67 Springfield
Model 755A
Model 79
Model 94
Model 944 Springfield
Model 9478
Model 94C
Model 94 Youth
Springfield 745C
Stevens 512 Gold Wing