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Instruction · 46 views
Shooting methods and lead

It seems that shooters using swing through and pull away, don't perseive lead, vs maintained lead...

Instruction · 39 views
Do you see lead in feet (meters) or inches (cm)?

I find it curious that some people see lead as a short distance (inches / cm) and others in a muc...

Instruction · 42 views
Looking hard at the target

I've heard this expression and I'm a bit baffled. If looking solely at the target, how is lead ac...

Equipment · 37 views
Has anyone bought a Turkish shotgun?

I'm curious if anyone has ventured into buying a Turkish shotgun.

Equipment · 44 views
Lubricant for shotgun hinges

Can you recommend a good lubricant for shotgun hinges and the other exposed metal surfaces?

Equipment · 36 views
Light loads vs heavy loads

What is the difference between light loads and heavy loads? Also, would one be better for trap, s...

Equipment · 37 views
Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting

Just got one and I love it. I use it for sporting clays and skeet. How about you?

Hunting · 34 views
Goose hunting - 10 or 12 gauge bore

I'm a passionate goose hunter and I'm looking to buy a shotgun that works well for those high gee...

Equipment · 29 views
Home defense shotgun

I already own clay shooting shotguns, do you have a separate home defense one which other attribu...