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1.9K members

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Wyy welcome to the Shotgun Web community!

Barrie Crombie shot 22 / 50 (44.0%) of Sporting Clays at Dunolly - FGA

Mark Basher Gallagher shot 44 / 75 (58.67%) of Sporting Clays at Ararat/Stawell - FGA

Charles Schneider shot 19 / 25 (76.0%) of American Skeet Singles at Island Lake Shooting Range via mobile app

Jack welcome to the Shotgun Web community!

Will Simpler shot 77 / 100 (77.0%) of Sporting Clays at Creekwood Shooting Sports via mobile app

Steven Dotolo shot 18 / 25 (72.0%) of Sporting Clays at Danvers Fish and Game Club

Steven Dotolo shot 65 / 75 (86.67%) of American Trap Singles at Danvers Fish and Game Club

Steven Dotolo shot 20 / 25 (80.0%) of American Trap Singles at Danvers Fish and Game Club

Steven Dotolo shot 22 / 25 (88.0%) of American Trap Singles at Danvers Fish and Game Club

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Pro Account — Averages

This statistic shows your performance in one glance. Learn how tournament stress affects your scores and see if keeping calm is a skill you need to improve.


Pro Account — Drilldown charts

One of our most exiting statistics! The 1st chart shows your averages per station. So if you want to see why you're not doing so well on station 2, you click on the bar to make the second chart appear. That one shows how you did on each target from station 2.


Pro Account — Progress moving average

This one may look a bit technical, but we think it's one of the most useful stats you could have. The blue dots show your progress as a moving average for each score you track (the grey dots). So if you shot really well today, this chart would show how your score measures up in the greater picture of your performance.


Pro Account — Patterns

This chart is meant to show wether there are any recognizable patters in your shooting. Each row is a round and each square is a hit (green) or missed (red) target. For example, if you had more read towards the end of the rounds, it could mean you get tired fasted and should probably improve your physical endurance more.


Pro Account — Volumes

See how much you shoot per year in one simple view. This Pro account chart lets you easily compare your target volumes from past years and see how they affect your overall average.

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