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Equipment · Skeet · 1 answer · 40 views · 1 vote · posted by Janet Miseta Robasky Nielsen
Won Silma m70 in 1997, never been shot and never talked to anyone that's ever heard of one, just wondered what its worth?
Kyle Adams - 36 Reputation
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Depending on the gauge, the value varies between $725 - $825. This estimate is according to Jerry Lee's "Standard Catalogue of Rifles and Shotguns". You can see it for free on Google Book too. Read More
Instruction · Sporting · 1 answer · 88 views · 0 votes · posted by Andrei Erdoss
What is the intercept method?

I heard about the intercept method as a way to shoot clay targets. What are it's advantages? Is i...

Coach Bill - 91 Reputation
latest answer It's kind of like merging into traffic on the highway. Read More
Equipment · 1 answer · 20 views · 0 votes · posted by Kyle Adams
What shell catcher should I use for my Teknys Gold?

Is there one specially made for Teknys? Thanks a lot for the help!

Coach Bill - 91 Reputation
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