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Equipment · 0 answers · 116 views · 0 votes · posted by Kayle
Semi Autos - the good, bad and the ugly

What is this crowd thing of them? Personally I've only shot over/unders and some SxS, so I was cu...

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Equipment · 0 answers · 122 views · 0 votes · posted by Jon Lee
The new Beretta 694

Has anyone shot it? Any major differences from the 692?

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Equipment · 0 answers · 123 views · 1 vote · posted by Drew Forest
Does barrel porting have any effect on shot velocity?

I've seen shotguns that have both barrel and choke porting. What's the point?

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Equipment · 0 answers · 167 views · 0 votes · posted by Sonia
Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting

Just got one and I love it. I use it for sporting clays and skeet. How about you?

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Competitions · 0 answers · 133 views · 0 votes · posted by Jon Lee
What is the latest in the cheating scandel at Northbrook Sports Club?

I haven't heard much since the disqualification annoucement has been made. Does anyone have updates?

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Instruction · 1 answer · 222 views · 0 votes · posted by Coach Bill
How can I find out if I have cross dominance or cross firing?
phil kiner - 41 Reputation
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The quickest test is to close the off-eye and see if your mystery misses go awayShooting with 1 eye feels like crap and the target looks smaller and faster but we are trying to figure out how to cure missing CONTRARY TO CLUB WISDON- shooting with both ... Read More
Instruction · 1 answer · 398 views · 0 votes · posted by Kayle
Looking hard at the target

I've heard this expression and I'm a bit baffled. If looking solely at the target, how is lead ac...

Looking hard at the target, when I hear or use that term to me it means total focus, both visual and mental. Lead is achieved by the input from your what you are seeing, to allow your brain to do "The Math" as I call it to get your hands (The gun)  in ... Read More
General · 1 answer · 284 views · 0 votes · posted by Vasile
What did you do today that is shooting related?

I thought to get everyone to post about the things that got them thinking, buying or doing for sh...

Not a day goes by that I don't think about finding a way to stay focused on and improve my game as well as the way I instruct. It may be just practicing my mount and swing or 15 minutes. Writing some thoughts down o something that I want to enforce on ... Read More
Equipment · Richland Arms Model 808 shotgun · Trap · 1 answer · 151 views · 0 votes · posted by Karl Sovik
Help with Richland Arms Model 808 maintenance

Can anyone help with sources for instructions or videos of how to take down this gun? I'm also l...

Andrei Erdoss - 41 Reputation
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Richland Arms is an Italian made gun, imported by a company in Blissfield, Michigan until 1986. The manufacturer is Armitalia di Lucchini PONTE ZANANO VT (Brescia). That's all the info I could find at the moment.Does the gun have some markings / writin... Read More