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Equipment · 3 answers

Which barrel should I shoot first, top or bottom? Details much appreciated.

3 Answers

Will Simpler
Answered over 1 year ago
You want to shot the bottom barrel first.  Since it has a lower center of gravity and is more in line with your shoulder, there will be less muzzle rise.  This allows for a quicker recover for your second shot.  So you will want to put the choke you want to use on the first bird in the bottom barrel and the choke you want to use on the second bird in the top barrel.  In sporting clays shooter change their chokes out often.

phil kiner
Answered over 1 year ago
shoot the barrel that you hit the best with
it is not always the bottom- 
I shoot my OU for single and shoot the top barrel. Why? because that is the barrel that I break the most targets with-- period
Shoot the one that gives you the most smoke and that you break the most targets with
At singles DON't use less than about .018 constriction at handicap use nothing less than .025 for 20-22 and for 23 yards and up use nothing less than .030

Andrei Erdoss
Answered almost 2 years ago
The barrel selector is usually used to choose between two different chokes that you might have in each barrel. For example you might have a full choke on the top barrel and a modified on the bottom. In Sporting Clays if the target you are shooting at is really close you want to shoot with a more open choke, such as the modified. If the target is far away the full would be your option.

Another reason to switch barrel order is if you use different types of shells, 7.5 on the top and 8 on the bottom. If the target you are shooting at is showing a belly you would go w/ the 8.

It's up to the shooter but having too many options sometimes can be counter productive. That's why world champions such as George Digweed use Full/Full for his barrel chokes.