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Does eye dominance change?

2 Answers

Coach Bill
Answered over 1 year ago
Eye dominance never changes anatomically, it can only switch eyes temporarily  !
There are eyes exercises to chance eye dominance, but when you stop exercising, the original eye dominance comes back.

Cross firing is a false ”eye dominance”  that can be a temporary or a long term problem. Cross firing can be caused by many factors. The main reason is when the dominant eye becomes tired or weaker(optically). If it is possible to eliminate those factors that cause fatigue, it will restore your original eye dominance.

phil kiner
Answered over 1 year ago
Find the Janurary 2017 issue of Trap and Field and read my 2 part article on cross-firing.
It is NOT a one answer fits all shooters problem.
You don't care about your eye dominance what you care about is whether or not you cross-fire and if you have a problem cross-firing then you need to deal with that issue.