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Is eye cross dominance and cross firing the same thing?

2 Answers

phil kiner
Answered over 1 year ago
Cross-firing is when the off-eye is the one that directs the shot.
There are a lot of symptoms but one of the most common is when right handed shooters start missing left angle targets.
Another is when your scores drop off at the end of the day or as a shoot goes into later days.
Another is when you make C or Z moves with you front hand while shooting.
There are others but as I said in the other post find my article in Trap and Field and read it

Coach Bill
Answered almost 2 years ago
The most common methods to test Eye cross dominance.

1) The Miles test:
Extend both arms in front of your body and cross your palms together so as to make a small triangle between your thumbs and the first knuckle of your index fingers. With both of your eyes open, look through the triangle and focus on a small object. Close your left eye. If the object remains in view, you are right eye dominant. If your hands appear to have moved off the object to the left, then you are left eye dominant.

2) The Dolman test:
Basically the same as the Miles test only that you are looking through a hole in a card.

3) The Porta test (Zeober, Will. “Learn Archery NOW! - Your Simple Steps To Success!” Eye Dominance For Archery - Easily Determine Yours Now,

Extend your arm out in front of you. With both eyes open raise your thumb or align your index finger over a distant object. Close the left eye and observe the location of the object. Now open the left eye and close the right eye and observe the location of the object.

It is likely that when you closed one eye or the other, the object disappeared or appeared to move to one side or the other. It is also likely that when you closed the opposite eye, the object remained stationary in the view window you created with your hands.

The eye that kept the object stationary in the view window is your dominant eye.

If you performed this simple test and the object did not appear to move when you closed one eye or the other then you are among the rare individuals who have central vision. 

The first sign that somebody has cross dominance or encounters cross firing is when he/she cants his/her head to position the dominant eye over the comb (in case of cross dominance) or the non dominant eye (in case of cross firing).

More on how to fight these two instances on the next thread.