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Best way to learn clay target shooting? Video or Instruction?

5 Answers

Jim Crowley
Answered over 2 years ago

The best way to learn, is to find someone who shoots on a regular basis. State instuctors as well as NSCA instuctors. Find someone who knows what to look for. They can teach you your stance, gun mount, if you are right or left eye dominant etc. I would shoot a couple shotguns first before buying one. The more I shot one, the more I knew what felt good to me and everybody is different. You need someone standing behind you to see how and where you are shooting. Just shooting at targets will not make you better. A good video is one by John Woolley. John is an exceptional instuctor and teaches the basics VERY well. Worth your time.

Coach Bill
Answered over 2 years ago

Once you came back from the shooting range, having a good time with you friends, the next step you want to do is to buy a shotgun. From this point on, you need an expert to choose your gun and teach you the game. Why instructor first, because he will teach you the basics necessary to start your shooting carrier. Remember learning new skills is matter of time and you need to schedule at least enough lessons to master the fundamentals. Once you learn few things you can buy a video to watch the big guys. To learn shooting from the beginning from a video it's extremely difficult because you don't have the expertise to diagnose your problems and how to correct them. The videos show you 'the way how is done' but they never will correct you! So get instruction first and after you understand the basics watch some videos to shape your style!

Randal Cooke
Answered over 2 years ago

I agree with these gents, intrsuction from a qualified instructor!

Answered over 2 years ago

i picked up a really good book "Trapshooting Secrets"  by James Russell.  He also has a good websight.  Lots of good tips from weather, lens color and the mntal aspect of the game.  Your library may have it.

Manuel Chapa
Answered over 2 years ago

Practice makes perfect, is good to read to learn but when you practice oftenly you will discover what it takes to hit the target

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