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Where do i get started, what gun should I use?

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Coach Bill
Answered about 1 month ago
If you are a novice, find an experienced shooter that will help you to pick out the right gun for you. 

I am talking a rental gun to start with. Gun fit is paramount for an enjoyable shooting.

If you get hooked  and you want to buy a gun then consider the gun that you have shot at the range in order to have the same stock measurements.

A good instructor will help you learn the correct fundamentals to implement the right routine.

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Clay Tinsley
Answered 10 months ago

You can rent shotguns at most ranges.  That way you can try out different types.  If you have a shotgun, make sure it has an choke that's open enough to not handicap you.  For skeet, it should have a Skeet, Cylinder, or Improved Cylinder choke.  For trap, Modified, Full, or Improved Cylinder.  Trying to shoot skeet with a Full choke can be done, but the tight shot pattern makes it a lot harder to hit the clays.  If you want an all-around gun, the 12 ga is the most popular, followed by the 20 ga.   The 20 ga. will have a little less recoil, but doesn't throw quite as much shot as the 12 ga.

Read the forums, is the best....


Ken Class
Answered 10 months ago

First off, welcome.

I use this link to locate places to shoot:

As for the gun, use what you own. I've seen kids do awesome with a .410, and adults with their $10K custom firearms that can't hit a barn at 10 paces. It's a game of skill.

Don't be afraid to ask questions at a club/range. The kind of response you get will tell you all you need to know about getting involved with a certain group.

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