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Equipment · American Trap Doubles · 5 answers

What choke tubes are best for trap shooting?

I just got a Browning Citori 12ga. that has 26" barrels, and a set of choke tubes for it, but I don't know which choke tubes to use. 

5 Answers

Nicole Cannon
Answered over 3 years ago

We tried Modified choke tubes and they kicked too much so I went to Improved Cylinder and shot a lot better.

Christian Pinney
Answered over 3 years ago
Modified then work your way up to Full. Your chokes arent going to have any noticeable effect on recoil either.

Answered over 2 years ago

American trap? Try M and IM.

International? Will be hard to shoot it with 26 inch but the only option is F and XF. If you are fast shooter then LF and F.

Recoil doesn't depend on the choke constriction at all. It depends on velocity, load and forcing cone length. Simple school physics: m1V1=m2V2

m1V1: mass of a gun times velocity of a gun

m2V2: mass of a shot+wad+powder times muzzle velocity of all that.

Coach Bill
Answered over 3 years ago

Being a beginner and shooting from the 16y line I would recomand to try Light Modifiy or Modify.

In  the same time I suggest to check your gun fit and take some lessons from an instructor to start with solid fundamentals.
Good luck!

phil kiner
Answered over 1 year ago
Choke tubes will not change the recoil
For singles use nothing less than .020 or modified
For handicap  to the 22 yard line use nothing less than .025
For 23 and further use nothing less than .030
you want to get good black smoke and those more open chokes have a good chance of letting targets slip through the pattern