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Instruction · 6 answers

How do you deal with cross firing or cross dominance while shooting?

I'm interested to see what are some common solutions to cross firing issues. Thank you

6 Answers

Andrei Erdoss
Answered almost 4 years ago

Here is a new contender to the cross firing/cross dominance issue. XD Solution.

Answered almost 4 years ago

I've had dominance issues due to deteriorating vision in my dominant (right) eye for the last 10 years or so. The best solution I've found is the L-shaped metal fence that you can mount to your rib to prevent your non-dominant eye from seeing your front bead. I can't tell you who makes or sells them anymore because I haven't bought a new one in 7 or 8 years, so you'll have to look around. I've also seen some people with custom fences riveted to their barrels. I'm sure any skilled machinist can fabricate one for you if you're unable to find it from a retailer.

It works by giving you a different sight picture for your right and left eyes, so when you have dominance issues your brain knows to use the correct sight picture as the point of reference. No eye straining or loss of peripheral vision. I've heard people complain about it being something distracting on the end of their barrel, but I think that's a crutch for people who are dealing with other issues as well.

Joe Kelly
Answered over 3 years ago

I was taught to close the one eye,,made a huge difference

Fred Bowen-Smith
Answered over 3 years ago


I use a pair of transparent  circles which i got on line or you can get from David Dobson in JAX.   He coaches the JU college team.  A great coach and friend.  

But that slight blur,  which is aligned with the beads and my left eye, causes just enough disruption that my right eye keeps focus and my sight stays aligned over the barrels.

Coach Bill
Answered over 3 years ago
The XDS is a new concep to solve eye cross dominance and crossfiring .

There are big differences between the tape and the XDS

the Magic Dot is placed on the glasses, very close to the shooter's eye. The role of the dot is to block the dominant eye from seeing the barrel and the target once the gun is at your cheek. As a result your vision is cut down to monocular vision, which has downsides when judging correctly the distance, angle and speed of the target. Thus monocular vision can cause visual errors when shooting upon moving targets. Also, for many people using the dot, causes headaches and non dominant eye fatigue.

The XD Solution device is placed in front of the shooter's eyes, on the closest visual focal point on the trigger guard. Because of this placement, the dominant eye is not blocked, only limited in it's ability of seeing the gun's barrel, yet at the same time it can see the target after the gun is mounted. During the entire shooting action, those using XD Solution, either with cross dominance or crossfire issues can use both their eyes. Two eyes are better than one. Also shooters don't get an unnatural feeling of having their eye blocked off.

Rodolfo Leon
Answered almost 4 years ago

Tape on the glassess for me seems to be the number 1 solution. My left eye is exteremly dominant and it is the only way I can shoot with both eyes open while hitting the bird every time. I went from being a 18-22 shooter to being a 22-25 shooter. The eye patch makes your brain only look for the bird in your non dominit eye.