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12ga vs 20ga handicap. How many would it take?

3 Answers

Joshua Butz
Answered about 4 years ago

I agree.  One target would be more than fair as I seem to break just as many with my 20 also.  Most 20 gauge loads are 7/8 oz.  while 12 gauge are usually 1 or 1 1/8 so your only really losing 1/8 -1/4oz of shot.  However, if I were shooting for that kind of money, and I think most people will agree, I will be shooting a 12.  That 1/8-1/4oz of shot could be the one target difference that wins me the money.  Any other time I'd shoot the 20 gauge.  Tough call though!

Curtis M
Answered about 4 years ago


[email protected]
Answered over 2 years ago

Well,  maybe it depends on your game. I shoot competition skeet mostly. My

thought is , if I can not score well with the twenty gauge the twelve would not make a difference. In fact When I shoot doubles the recoil recovery is much easier between shots. I have shot nice trap scores with the twenty by changing shot size and chokes. Love trap doubles also.