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Equipment · American Trap Singles · 2 answers

8 or 7.5 shot?

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using 8 or 7.5? I assume it is just a matter of preference to the user but don't know enough to be sure. Is there a patterning difference or advantage to one over the other cost wise reloading. I have mostly been using #8 but I'm down to two bags each.


2 Answers

Rob Ingram
Answered over 4 years ago

I like # 8 shot back to the 23 yard line. Use #7 1/2 shot from the 23 to the 27. Personal preference, the are those that break them consistently with 1 ounce of # 8's from the 27. 

Don Guinta
Answered about 4 years ago

I use 1 ounce of #8 from 16-27.  I change chokes as I move back from the 21.  LM from 16-20, M from 21-24, f from 26 to the back line.  This is also a personal preference.  Try diffeerant loads, shot and chokes to see how they effect your shooting.