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Fabarm Rex Lion (0)


Fabarm semi-automatic shotguns use a robust and simple gas-operating system, with fewer parts than other gas-operated shotguns, making them easy to clean and maintain. The recoil spring surrounds the magazine tube and works in the same axis and paral


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Equipment · Fabarm Rex Lion shotgun · 1 answer · 645 views · 0 votes · posted by Giuseppe
How do I fix the shotgun shell getting stuck when ejecting?

Italian: Quando sparo non espelle la cartuccia rimane incastrata.

Andrei Erdoss 106 Reputation
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Gas ports in the barrel get easily clogged by a wax like substance that prevents enough gas to pass though and operate the piston properly. These holes must be cleaned with a degreaser and a small stick or wire until they are absolutely clear. This mus...

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