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Shooting Career
I spent a great deal of time shooting skeet and handgun while in stationed at US Naval base Rota Spain circa 1974. After completing my 4 years of service I became a police office on Long Island, NY. I was a NRA certified Rifle Pistol and shotgun instructor at 22 years old. While on the police force I had the opportunity to become a S & W trained Armorer and was again certified as a police firearms instructor. Now being retired I re-certified as an NRA pistol instructor and a Range Safety Officer. I have recently started shooting sporting clays and I have found a new passion. I live in Jupiter FL.  

Joe Hocker of the Peconic River Sportsmans Club

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4 years in the US Navy. 20 years as a police officer retired as a Sergeant. NRA certified pistol instructor and a range safety officer. Now doing some light gunsmith works and shooting sporting clays. 
Brand Model Gauge Barrel
Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting 12 30 in
Brand Model Gauge Load Size Velocity
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