Clay target and hunting clubs

Georgia Skeet shooting, Trap shooting, Sporting Clays, 5 Stand, FITASC, Compak, and wingshooting
Club Location Contact Facilities
Advanced Bullets Outdoor Range Temple (770) 562-4333 Sporting Clays, American Trap
Altamaha Regional Shooters Club Vidalia 912) 537-8730 Five Stand, Sporting Clays
Ashbrook Plantation Sylvester (229) 446-1326 Sporting Clays Quail
Ashburn Hill Moultrie (229) 985-5069 Sporting Clays Quail
Ashburn Hill Hunting Preserve Inc. Moultrie (229) -98-5-50 69 Sporting Clays Quail
Athens Rifle Club Athens (706) 354-5025 American Skeet, American Trap
Attaway Farms Plantation Wrightsville (478) -86-4-23 18 Sporting Clays Quail, Turkey
Baygall Sporting Clays Garfield 912-865-2529 American Skeet, Five Stand, Sporting Clays Quail, Pheasant, Turkey
Baypole Plantation Meigs (229) 316-0729 Sporting Clays Duck, Quail, Turkey, Dove
Bear Creek Shooting Preserve Preston (229) 443-0104 Deer, Duck, Quail, Turkey, Dove
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