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Remington shotgun


Bill Bain
Reviewed about 6 years ago
1100 Competition Synthetic

I borrowed a friend's 1100 classic for a few rounds and really liked it, so I bought the 1100 Competition Synthetic.  It may be the best clay sports-oriented bargain out there.  The recoil reducer works well and the ability to adjust the fit through the adjustable butt plate and comb without having to cut the stock makes dialing in the gun super easy.  I could do without the carbon fiber look, but the synthetic stock in lieu of wood makes the gun super affordable.

Ken Drozdziel
Reviewed over 7 years ago

After shooting a few 100 rounds of sporting clays started getting metal shavings inside the action and wouldn't cycle the action.

Robert Krueger
Reviewed over 8 years ago

Great all around trap and skeet sporting clays gun

Reviewed over 8 years ago
Sportsman 48

Have it in the 20 gauge and it is a blast to shoot

bob kuczynski
Reviewed almost 9 years ago
1100 Skeet B

good old timer.

Reviewed over 9 years ago
Sportsman 48

I recently obtained a 1951 Sportsman 48, in 12 gauge. 


For being 62 years old, this shotgun handled like a new Beretta over/under that I had recently shot, and that gun cost upwards of $2,000. I took it to a sporting clay course, with a full choke (it does not have screw in capabilities at this time) and amazingly went 42 for 50 on the course. 

The gun handled perfectly, and the recoil was moderate. Less so than other 12 gaugges I have shot in the past. The birds were exploding in to dust, and leading the target was easy even though the gun weighs a little over 7 pounds. I used 7 1/2, 8 shot target loads, and again was consistently amazed with the accuracry for such an old gun.

Now, this gun was in immaculate condition when I received it, but it is a Remington, so that may be part of it. Interesting note: The Sportsman 48 was a duck gun, so the tube only held two rounds, with one in the chamber. The Sportsman 58 held four in the tube. Someone modified my tube, so I can hold four and one in the chamber. While not exactly a plus for trap or sporting clays (since most venues only allow you to load two at a time), if I ever decide to take up hunting, those extra two shots will come in handy.

Check out local gun or trade shows, and if a Sportsman 48 is sitting on a table, looking for a new home, pick it up.

Chuck Cahill
Reviewed almost 10 years ago
870 Express

What can you say about the most popular shotgun ever made! For less than $300.00 you get a reliable, basic shotgun that can be used for most anything. Good quality and performance at this price point. Every firearm owner should have an 870 in their collection!

Reviewed about 10 years ago
1100 Competition Synthetic

after 47 yrs. of trap shooting,bow hunting,and reloading, my sholder is worn out. I switched to the 1100 Competition Synthetic from my o/u. WOW am I having fun now. the last few yrs. I could not shoot more than two rounds a day. last sunday I shot 4 rounds of singels and one round of doubles and my scores are better than they have been in yrs. It feels like a 28Ga.

Ed Harrison
Reviewed about 10 years ago
870TC Trap

Its simple... One of the finest shotguns ever made, trap or otherwise!

Ed Harrison
Reviewed about 10 years ago
870TC Trap

Its simple... One of the finest shotguns ever made, trap or otherwise!

Andrei Erdoss
Reviewed over 10 years ago

Great gun

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