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Winchester shotgun


Reviewed over 5 years ago
Model 101

Great shotgun. This is the FN made model

Bill Bain
Reviewed over 6 years ago
Model 101 Over/Under

Winchester 101 shotguns are made in the same factory as Browning's Belgian-made shot guns,  Where else can you buy a new Belgian made O/U for little more than $1000 for the field model?  Solid, durable and well made.  In the two plus years I have owned mine, I have put well over 8,000 rounds through it shooting trap and skeet, as well as upland bird hunting and it has performed flawlessly.  Mine uses Browning Invector Plus chokes

Ken Drozdziel
Reviewed over 7 years ago
SXP Waterfowl

Great pump, impressive inertia assisted action well balanced

bob kuczynski
Reviewed over 10 years ago
Model 50 Skeet

nice handling gun. loose stocks are pesky and they need a good cleaning after use.

Shotgun Models

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