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Mossberg shotgun


Chuck Cahill
Reviewed almost 10 years ago
500 C

As with all Mossberg products, the manufacturer gives the consumer a lot of gun for nat a lot of money. This is a reliable basic shotgun wthat comes with both a general shotgun barrel and a rifled slug barrel. A good performer at a great price!

Chuck Cahill
Reviewed almost 10 years ago
Silver Reserve Sporting

Mossberg does a wonderful job at giving the consumer a lot of gun for not a lot of money! The Silver Reserve is, in my humble opinion (maybe not so hamble?) the best O/U shotgun value under $1,000.00! Turkish walnut stock, some nicely added engraving, makes this a handsome shotgun looking far more expesive than it's very reasonable price point. NOW, because of it's price point the Silver Reserve's components aren't the best. IF your intent is to use this as a regular sporting clays gun(???) know that it will not hold up for long without succumbing to wear. However, if you're a beginner clays shooter and occaisional upland game hunter than this gun will be your inexpensive ticket into the game! A very good value, again at the less than $1,000.00 price point! Good job Mossberg!

Ed Harrison
Reviewed about 10 years ago

Ugly old shotguns but tough as a tank. A damn fine hog gun with slugs.

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