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Browning Citori 725 Sporting (18)


The Citori 725 Sporting may be the best target shotgun ever built. Unlike other low profile guns that rely on undersized trunnions and narrow, tapered pins to lock up their receivers, the 725 still has the rugged full-width hinge pin and transverse m

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Tom nelson
Reviewed almost 10 years ago

Those of you who are vaguely familiar with the Citori and specifically the 25 series guns of the past (325, 425, 525 and 625) will appreciate this newest of the 25 series guns. To date this is the biggest make-over yet of the 25 series Citori.

Citori shotguns, especially the target versions have received a knock from many for being heavy barreled. While shotgun balance can be a personal preference, Browning has lightened the barrel of the new 725 sporter for better balance the gun between the hands and improving upon it's swing dynamics. In short.. the gun responds better to the shooter's inputs even with the optional 32" barrel.  The other major change is the depth of the receiver/frame, another weight saving addition. While the change may only be an eigth of inch, it still is noticeable to the naked eye.

Some other notiable features include:

  • Mechanical triggers (as apposed to the previous models inertia)

  • Longer Vector Pro forcing cones

  • Invector DS choke tubes. Long (4") with "DS" Double seal. Each choke has a brass ring at the choke skirt which seals gas and crud from getting to the choke threads. Choke tubes do not back out when shooting.

  • Close radius grip with palm swell.

  • Optional adjustable comb model.

  • HiViz fiberoptic sight.

The gun is a joy to shoot and feels noticeably different than my 325, which I had shot the prevoius 17 years. My initial reaction was how well this gun pointed with minimal input when compared to the 325. The close radius grip combined with palm swell fit my smaller hands like a glove.

These guns are currently selling for retail in the $2700 range and certainly would be hard to argue that your getting a lot of gun for the money. I have handled other fine guns costing 2-3 times as much that don't seem to handle any better in my hands.

I think Browning has brought home a real winner here with the 725, in my opinion the best Citori to date.


Adam Joy
Reviewed almost 7 years ago

An absolute joy to own and use

Reviewed about 3 years ago

Love this shotgun. It's my first over/under, and first 12 gauge non pump-action. I heard good things about the Citori, and was fortunate enough to get this one. I had some initial problems with it, but those were user error, related to breaking it open to strongly. Once I was schooled by the gunsmith, gentleness was my friend and it has performed perfectly since. Mine has the ported 32" barrels and does not feel heavy, nor kicks very hard for a 12 gauge. I can shoot all day without getting a sore shoulder. Fantastic for shooting sporting clays.


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