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Feature Wish List For Sporting

I am liking this app if nothing for a way to score stations easily and see some top level stats. For example I am shooting 10% higher on the first bird in a report pair letting me know I am not likely setting up the second bird in my pre shot plan.

I would really like to add pair analysis to within station to see where my misses are happening. Am I missing the something on the first pair of a station because I misjudged but fixed, did I miss due to lack of focus in the middle or did I get nervous/too careful and missed something in the last pair of a station I was going to run.

What's your wish list?

1 Answer

Andrei Erdoss - 106 Reputation
Answered over 1 year ago
Great suggestion and something that can be implemented with the current data. I will look into adding it. Any other suggestions from you or anybody else? Continue reading
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Andrei Erdoss
Aug 15

Rory, I am trying to figure out the algorithm for the station pair stats. I'm not 100% clear if I should look at individual targets in a pair (1st and then 2nd) or the pair as a whole. Any thoughts here?

Also, if I was looking at individual targets in a pair (1st or 2nd), I am thinking to use these labels:

- misjudged (1st missed, others hit),
- focus lost (1st hit, last hit, but middle 2 (3, 4, 5 pairs), 3 (4, 5 pairs) or 4 (5 pairs) missed,
- nervous (last missed, but others hit)
- no clue (missed all or 80% or more)
- all hit (no comment)

A station could get 2 labels, one for each target.

Then at the end of the round the shooter would get stats such as per
- 4 misjudged, 5 lost focus, 3 nervous, 1 no clue

This then could be shown on a line chart with a line for each type of label.

Any suggestions on any of this is welcome!

Rory Baird
Aug 12

Also, Just being able to see a scorecard for a round can tell you a lot. Not really analytics but more of an option to view the data. Something like a virtual copy of the paper sporting clays scoring sheets. Have examples if you want.

Rory Baird
Aug 12

That's awesome Andrei. I am telling others about the app so hopefully we get some of them onboard. Primarily Sporting Clays and you can tell a lot when repeating pairs where you miss. Early on, it's just a judgement error most often. In the middle is often thinking you have it figured out and lose focus. At the end it is often being careful because you are about to run it.

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