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Support · Trap · 1 answer · 1.11k views · 1 vote · posted by Andrei Erdoss

For Handicap Trap, Does It Make Sense To Filter Stats By Yardage?

Currently, all handicap trap stats are bundled together. I was wondering if it made more sense to add a filter up top, next to the sport, listing all yards?

1 Answer

scott wilson - 41 Reputation
Answered almost 3 years ago
I was just about to post a request to ask if you could add a filter by yardage to see stats from each yardage.  A lot of high school shooters in our area shoot at different yardage each week based on how they shot 16's at a match.  Then you throw in AT... Continue reading
1 vote
Andrei Erdoss
Jun 17

Great, thanks for the feedback. I will work to add a filter.

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