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How Do A Save A Sporting Clay Course

Want to save each station profile so I do t have to enter it each time

1 Answer

Andrei Erdoss - 106 Reputation
Answered over 2 years ago
At the moment only the iOS app has the capability to duplicate stations.On the other hand, the Android app allows you to store entire courses and also target details, such as flight and direction. That is missing from the iOS app.I am currently working... Continue reading
1 vote
Maynard Klotz
Jun 1

I am using Apple I-Pad or phone for the APP Can you run me through how to save the course please.

Andrei Erdoss
Jun 1

At the moment the iOS app doesn't allow for saving the entire course. But it allows for adding stations easily. Once you add your first station, you can click on 'Stations' button in the bottom left of the screen, and click on 'Duplicate Station #'. This will create the same station with the same targets. You can repeat this, as many times you need. Also you can go back to any station and copy it.

Kevin Warren
Aug 20

The ability to be able to save the entire course will be nice upgrade for IOS. Look forward to when that feature is available.

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