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Most Advanced Mobile Score and Performance Tracking

Spreadsheets should be a thing of the past! The Shotgun Web app offers everything you need to quickly record all your scores right on the shooting field.

Record scores for all 30 clay shooting sports

American Skeet Singles, American Skeet Doubles, English Skeet Singles, English Skeet Doubles, Olympic Skeet, American Trap Singles, American Trap Doubles, American Trap Handicap, Automatic Ball Trap, Down The Line Single Rise, Down The Line Double Rise, Down The Line Single Barrel, Down The Line Handicap, Olympic Trap, Olympic Double Trap, Universal Trench, Wobble Trap, Compak Sporting, English Sporting, Five Stand, Five Stand Doubles, FITASC, Maze Clays, Sporting Clays, Super Sporting Sportrap

Quickly record where you missed and how

It takes just one tap to record a hit target and two taps to record a miss. When you set a miss, the app is going to ask you for the target flight and where you missed it. So you can have a complete record of you performance to show to your coach or analyze on your own time.

Set up custom Sporting sports stations

Add as many stations and targets as you need, but don't worry about knowing the whole field setup from the first station. The app lets you add stations as you go. Also, to get a complete picture of your shooting, you can set the flight, direction, and type for each target.

Preset target setups for Skeet and Trap sports

The Shotgun Web apps give you present target configurations so you can quickly get to recoding your hits and misses. Or, if you're really in a hurry, just put in your final score and send it to your Shotgun Web account with one tap.

Save and share custom course setups

Once you've gone through setting up a sporting field, for instance, the app lets you easily save that configuration so you can reuse it next weekend when you shoot. Also, you can share saved fields with your squad or shooting friends (provided that they have the app of course).

Post your scores to Shotgun Web and more

The app works with It's designed to give you the best possible tool for recording your scores while you shoot, so you can later analyze your stats on the website. You can send scores from the app to the website with just one tap; and, while you're at it, why not let your Facebook friends know about your latest performance as well?
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