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Clay target and hunting clubs

Romania Skeet shooting, Trap shooting, Sporting Clays, 5 Stand, FITASC, Compak, and wingshooting
Club Location Contact Facilities
Clubul Roman de Tir Sportiv - Poligonul de Tir "Ion Tudoran" Negoești 0722.295.582; 0733.470.544 Olympic Trap, FITASC, Olympic Skeet, Sporting Clays, American Trap
Complexul de Tir Sportiv Iosif Sîrbu Sectorul 1 +40 21 269 06 61 Olympic Trap, FITASC, Universal Trench, Olympic Skeet
Poligon de Tir Bistrita - Budacu de Jos Budacu de Jos Timi Secoban 0744-120936, Tomas Negrusa 0744-640982 Olympic Trap, Olympic Skeet, Sporting Clays
Poligon de Tir Gelu Gelu 0261 714 337 Olympic Skeet, Sporting Clays
Poligon de Tir "West" Arad Pecica 0744 77 35 45 | 0736423371 Olympic Skeet, Sporting Clays
Poligon FAN ARM Reghin Orşova Pădure 0752947401 | 0740628269 Compak Sporting, Olympic Skeet
Poligon MTI Shooting Lugoj Lugoj 0761087183 FITASC
Poligon Tunari - Joita Joița 0745 044 926 Olympic Trap, Olympic Skeet
Poligonul A&T TOP GUN Focșani comuna Golesti 0761788818 Olympic Skeet, Sporting Clays
Poligonul Dăneşti - Neamţ Dăneşti Olympic Skeet
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