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Elm Fork Shooting Park (6)

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10751 Luna Road
Dallas, Texas, 75220, USA

(972) 556-0103
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Sporting Clays, American Skeet, American Trap, Five Stand


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Will Simpler
Reviewed about 6 years ago

1/28/2017 Saturday

This is my 1st time shooting here after about 6
or more years since my last visit.  Wow
this place is the BEST public clay range I have ever seen.  I shoot sporting clays so I will mainly write
about it.  The staff was warm and friendly;
also out on the range they were very helpful. 
Elm Fork has 3 courses and I shot the Woods course.  The courses are fully automated so I was able
to shoot alone.  The Woods course was 12
station and most of the station were nice big gazebos.  They were big enough to hold 6 shooters with
bench sitting for 4 and gun racks.  A few
stations were duck blinds with one of them being on the water and the clay
would land in a decoy spread.  The course
also had concert pads that the gazebos sat on, there were more pads than
gazebos so they could add more stations or move them around to change up the
course.  The Woods course is long and I am
glad I used a golf cart, but it’s walkable. 
Over all I was blown away by how nice this place is and I look forward
to my next visit. 

Thank you Elm Fork.

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