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Island Lake Shooting Range (6)

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13600 E. Grand River
Brighton, Michigan, 48116, USA
Pat Lieske
(248) 437-2784
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Sporting Clays, American Skeet, American Trap


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Charles Schneider
Reviewed over 8 years ago

The staff is friendly and informative. I was a beginner. My over under shotgun would not switch barrels. Rodger, at the facility, voluntarily  took some time out to take off my stock and clean and lubricate the mechanism so that I could continue to shoot. Although I offered to pay for the cleaning and instruction on how to clean he just wanted me to continue to shoot. I am now a member there. I am known by my first name. I like the facility when compared to Bald Mountain. The road is not muddy and potted to the facility as it is there. The sporting clays course is dryer and less muddy as it has direct exposure to the sun to dry on the trail on the one side of the trail. It has two levels of difficulty. The c&d pairs are more difficult then the a&b pairs. There are free bottles of water along the trail when it is hot. There are trail stove pipe warming stations when it is cold. My introduction to the sport at the facility has hooked me on sporting clays.

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