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Our mission is to create a platform that unites all Clay Shooters in one place, helping our sport grow and thrive!
Performance Enhancing Tools
  • Progress tracking (moving average)
  • Score, round and pair averages
  • Personal tournament management
  • Station drilldown (Skeet & Trap)
Mobile Apps
  • iPhone and Android app
  • Record scores for all clay sports (30)
  • All flavors of Skeet, Trap & Sporting
  • Record missed spot (Behind, In front...)
  • Preset target settings for Skeet & Trap
  • Create custom courses for Sporting
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  • Stay up to date with friends' scores
  • Encourage your friends
  • Get notified of new shotgun questions
  • See new answers to your questions
  • See questions posted by friends
  • See answers posted by friends
Questions & Answers
  • See best answers at the top
  • Vote best answers and useful questions
  • Filter questions by category
  • Earn points and build your Reputation
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