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Performance Stats in Clay Shooting

The standard average is a score by score view of your performance. On the other hand the moving avergage represence boarder overview of performance.

In the chart above, you can see that the shooter's scores have big variations (67% to 91%). The moving average shows that the true average of this shooter is somewhere around 77%.

This chart is a good representation of your score groupings, which is useful for understanding where most of your scores fit.

Also the chart compares previous years groupings. In this particular chart it is easy to see that the shooter's scores averages have shifted to the right, which means that they have improved.

How long have you gone without missing a target? This shows the longest streak of hits for the year.

How many stations without a miss do you have? This average shows the percentage of full stations vs. stations with a least a miss.

Streak is a measure of mental preparedness and concentration.

This chart overlays two years worth of data regarding streaks.

The performance has improved in 2019 over 2018, as there are more streaks with higher counts.